Consumers worldwide are looking more and more for added value and the fitness industry doesn’t escape this trend. Gym & fitness club members are expecting more out of their membership than just state-of-the-art equipment and a wide variety of classes. Gain an edge over your competition by diffusing subtle scents through your gym to create a healthy and rejuvenated environment. Fitness clubs are largely responsible for maintaining that frame of mind by providing excellent facilities and most importantly a healthy and clean environment. Scenting will help you achieve just that.

Most Spa and Fitness Managers are aware of aromatherapy. But did you know that scent can be used in many other applications, and can have a positive effect on the behaviors and emotions of members and staff?


  • 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell

  • Customers feel relaxed and comfortable, making them likely to browse longer

  • Scented environments stimulate sales & repeat business

  • Scent evokes pleasurable memories and reduces stress

  • Create positive associations with an event or experience

  • Scented products are perceived of higher quality

  • Relax customers, invigorate guests

  • Higher brand awareness

  • Improve employee productivity


Studies have shown different aromas can increase spending habits of an individual by double, but the studies also showed you can’t just spray some perfume and expect sales to increase. In fact, sales could decrease with the wrong aroma present, so you’d better seek out an aroma marketing company to determine what affects a purchase decision.
Scented areas are perceived as higher-end and more luxurious. A Nike study showed scent affected desirability of shoes in 84% of subjects, with subjects willing to pay 10-20% more in scented environments.


Scent247 systems will help you create the ultimate in Scent Ambience. The right aroma will add a new dimension to your customer care and employee productivity. Contact us today and we'll get your business smelling great in no time.

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